Cogent Labs Presented at Automation Anywhere, Inc. Premium Customer Event “IMAGINE TOKYO 2019” [on June 13-14, 2019]

On June 13th and 14th, an AI architect David Malkin and an alliance sales manager Yoshihiro Iwase spoke at Automation Anywhere, Inc. Premium Customer Event “Imagine Tokyo 2019.”

(AI Architect, David Malkin)

Press release with Automation Anywhere, Inc. :
AI技術を活用したデジタルワークフォースの普及で オートメーション・エニウェアとコージェントラボが技術提携

Event Overview
Event Name:IMAGINE TOKYO 2019
Date:Business Day:2019/6/13(Thu) 10:00~18:55
    Technology Day:2019/6/14(Fri) 9:30〜15:00
Location:Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa International Convention Center Pamir  
Host:Automation Anywhere, Inc.


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