Harness the power and versatility of Artificial Intelligence for transformative impact.


Using AI to solve the previously unsolvable

Cogent Labs’ mission is to research and develop cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence in order to solve the previously impossible. Through real-world applications of our technology we aim to bring meaningful and transformative impact to society with the ultimate goal of enhancing the overall quality of life.



Turning Handwriting into Data

With handwriting recognition rates of up to 99.22%, Tegaki eliminates the need for manual data entry. Using an intuitive web interface or our powerful API, Tegaki can be integrated into your business process within minutes. Tegaki is developed for recognizing handwritten forms that are used in many industries, such as insurance, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, sales and education. With simple integration, usage dashboards and template management, Tegaki seamlessly integrates into your current business process. See how Tegaki can add value to your business now.


Natural Language Understanding Engine

Kaidoku’s advanced natural language understanding capabilities open up new possibilities for automatic processing of documents and working with text. From automatic categorization and labeling of text, advanced keyword and semantic search of large databases, to gaining entirely new insights into your data and uncovering hidden relations and trends, Kaidoku can transform how you work with text. What used to take experienced professionals substantial amounts of time can now be achieved in minutes with Kaidoku.


Fundamental and applied research in AI and Deep Learning

While the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are already significant, the true potential of this technology is still almost entirely untapped. By simultaneously focusing on fundamental long term research, as well as actively solving challenges in the real-world, we are aiming to unleash the full value that AI can bring to businesses and beyond. Cogent Labs’ research team, drawing from a diverse range of backgrounds, is strongly engaged in bridging the gap between pure academic research and applicable solutions to real problems.


A world-class team of researchers and industry professionals

We are an international team of scientists and industry professionals. Our scientists from top world universities including University of Oxford, UCL, Imperial College, University of Tokyo among others have diverse and complementary scientific expertise in deep learning, machine learning, statistics, complex systems, natural language understanding and neuroscience. The executive team has years of professional experience in the IT and Finance industries. By combining our scientific knowledge and professional business experience we solve real-world problems creating real-world value.

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