Natural Language Understanding Engine


We are currently witnessing an explosion of data, and information overload is becoming a very serious problem. Finding the facts that matter to you is getting increasingly difficult and time consuming.

Kaidoku’s advanced natural language understanding capabilities help you quickly discover and intuitively understand key insights from text-based data such as news, social media streams, and your company internal documents.

When trying to combat information overload, context is crucial. What matters to a financial analyst may greatly differ from what a market researcher is interested in. Kaidoku understands your requirements and gives you a personalized macro view of the topics most relevant to you.

True natural language understanding is about more than just words and text. Time in particular is a key factor in understanding trends and causal relationships. Kaidoku has this believe at its core and offers powerful tools and visualizations to understand how data unfolds over time.


  • Macroview

    • Easily digestible overview of an entire dataset
    • Basic and advanced keyword search Powerful data filtering tools
    • Powerful data filtering tools
  • Clustering

    • Real time clustering
    • Automatic topic identification
    • Quick and personalized insights into large amounts of data
  • Time Analysis

    • Timeline visualization
    • Identify trends
    • Discover causal relations


  • CASE 1 Analysis in Finance department (野村證券)

    Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

    • Background

      The finance department provides regular reports to management explaining how market trends will impact Nomura’s performance.

    • Problem

      Multiple tools and information sources must be consulted in order to gain deep insights of market trend, which can take a considerable amount of time.

    • Result

      Under PoC with Nomura, we found the possibility for analysts to uncover important insights into market trends in as little as 5 minutes for a given topic, compared to up to one hour previously. We have entered into an implementation phase with them.

  • CASE 2 Policy Maker

    • Background

      City hall has to make policy decisions that should take into account and reflect the opinion of the citizens.

    • Problem

      Understanding public opinion is difficult. Twitter is a unique source of information, but is impossible to analyze manually.

    • Result

      Kaidoku provided unique and actionable insights into the public opinion, helping make more informed decisions.

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