A lecture series during spring semester at The University of Tokyo by Dr. Tomasz M. Rutkowski

Cogent Labs research scientist Dr. Tomasz M. Rutkowski will present an experimental lecture series entitled "Brain and Behavioral Measurement for Psychological Experiment" at the University of Tokyo this spring semester. The series will cover behavioral and brain-science-related experimental designs and result analysis techniques, and introduce the latest cutting-edge research as it relates to AI and intelligence augmentation.

About Cogent Labs

Cogent Labs Inc., with its AI technologies, provides easy-to-use and intuitive solutions to solve real-world problems that improve people’s quality of work and life. The company conducts advanced fundamental and applied AI research to create business solutions, leveraging expertise across many fields including time-series forecasting, information extraction, natural language and voice processing, and reinforcement learning.

Cogent Labs
Company NameCogent Labs Inc.
Representative DirectorsJun Iinuma, Eric Whiteway
LocationTENOHA LAB 20-23 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0034
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Description of BusinessResearch and development of advanced artificial intelligence and provision of related solution services.

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