Eric Hideyuki Whiteway

After graduating from Columbia University, Computer Science Department, Eric worked at Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd. for 16 years, where as Managing Director, he was in charge of the equity trading headquarters. He is versed in trades utilizing algorithm.

Jun Iinuma

As the 13th employee of Co. Ltd., Jun contributed as sales representative to the company’s rapid growth for 15 years, since the company began its business.

Stefano Peluchetti, PhD
AI Reseacher, Statistician

Stefano has a solid background in statistics and machine learning with a specialization in Monte Carlo methods. He has 6 years of experience with C++ and LuaJIT both of which he self-learnt. His main interests are probabilistic modeling and black-box adaptive methods.

Thierry Sousbie, PhD
AI Reseacher, Astrophysicist

Thierry is particularly interested in applied Mathematics in general, and in massively parallel numerical simulations of fluid dynamics, computational geometry and Deep learning in particular. He participated to more than 30 scientific articles published in reviewed journals and has experience developing several open source projects based on his researches, which are used by numerous researchers around the world to this day.

David Malkin, PhD
AI Architect

David has extensive experience in the use of genetic algorithms for the optimization of non-  linear high-dimensionality dynamic solutions and is generally interested in fitness landscape theory. He has applied various machine learning technologies and frameworks to solve practical problems.

Max Frenzel, PhD
Research Scientist

Max is a quantum physicist with a strong interest in AI and machine learning. He has a PhD in quantum information theory from Imperial College London. During his PhD studies, he was awarded a JSPS fellowship and spent one year doing research in the University of Tokyo.

Tomasz "Tomek"
Maciej Rutokwski, PhD
Research Scientist

Tomasz is a computational neuroscientist with a research focus on human intelligence augmentation with application to brain-computer or brain-to-brain interfacing, creativity and learning support. Before joining Cogent Labs he was a research professor working on brain correlates of creativity elucidation at The University of Tokyo.

Vagif Hasanov, MSc
AI Researcher

Vagif has been involved in research related to neural networks and deep learning since 2012, with several publications in the field. He also has several years of professional software engineering experience. He holds a masters of informatics in intelligence science and technology from Kyoto University.

Philippe Rémy, MSc
Research Engineer

Rémy is trained in mathematics, statistics and computer science. He is a data enthusiast willing to design and implement state-of-art applications. His interests are focused on data mining, statistical analysis and machine learning with an emphasis on artificial intelligence.

Philip Irri, MSc
Research Engineer

Philip’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of computer science topics, including machine learning, deep learning, and image processing. He is proficient in many programming languages and works with many state of the art development and deployment tools such as Docker, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Additionally, he is certified in Cassandra, Spark, and Cisco Networking.

Joseph Bullard, MSc
Research Engineer

Joe's goal is to build accessible and intuitive AI solutions through scalable application infrastructure and APIs. His research and educational background in natural language processing (NLP) and bioinformatics is complemented by practical experience with modern programming languages (Python, Node, Go), machine learning libraries (TensorFlow), and cloud platforms (Google Cloud, AWS). He is a certified Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra developer.

Martin Nordstrom, MSc
Research Engineer

Martin is experienced in advanced machine learning and deep learning, and is trained in analyzing and processing large data sets. In the latest project Mr. Nordstrom has also worked at the forefront in computer clustering and with the architecture of an internal cluster platform. Martin is certified Apache Spark developer.

Frances Ng
Front-End Engineer

Frances has strong and broad client-side Javascript development experience from SPA to data visualization with a love for design, also on server-side programming (Node, Ruby) and database (NoSQL). She was also formally trained under the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

Jorta Tamaki
Creative Director

Jorta has more than 10 years of experience in Graphic design, Digital creative in Advertisement field for Wieden+Kennedy, AKQA, Saatchi and Saatchi which kind of leading creative agency in Japan. He has a good skill by hybrid style between design architect and concept making.

Katsutoshi Yamada
Sales Director

Toshi started his career at a web marketing company as a sales person and improved his sales expertise at a software company headquartered in the USA. Afterwards, he got involved in the launch of new businesses in Japanese market, where he was in charge of sales, marketing, and new business development.

Emi Kataoka
Account Executive

Emi joined Cogent Labs after experiencing a playing manager at a foreign financial company. she is currently also studying MBA at NUCB business school in order to improve her innovation and creative perspectives.

Yumi Takahashi

Yumi had various experiencesas a receptionist, sales person, and team trainer at the company headquartered in Australia. She has been committed to support engineers, researchers, sales people and executiveswith her superior communication skill at Cogent Labs.

Fumitaka Osumi
Corporate Planner

Taka worked primarily as a portfolio manager for 3 years and experienced entrepreneurship and management at Teach For Japan, where he created unique value in fundraising and marketing/PR. Afterwards he graduated from Yale School of Management with the scholarship from Fulbright and further developed management skill.

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