Natural Language Understanding Engine

Kaidoku’s advanced natural language understanding capabilities open up new possibilities for automatic processing of documents and working with text. From automatic categorization and labeling of text, advanced keyword and semantic search of large databases, to gaining entirely new insights into your data and uncovering hidden relations and trends, Kaidoku can transform how you work with text. What used to take experienced professionals substantial amounts of time can now be achieved in minutes with Kaidoku.


Advanced automated management of large amount of diverse documents

At the heart of Kaidoku is a deep understanding of natural language, which enables you to bring structure into your text data. Automatic categorization provides an efficient and easy to use tool to label and sort your documents. In addition, semantic clustering allows for the discovery of more subtle hidden structure and patterns, as well as intuitive visualization of even the largest datasets.

01Disparate documents
02will be organized
03and will be mapped

Sophisticated user interface and search capabilities far beyond simple keyword search

Free text semantic search enables a search experience far more advanced and intuitive than traditional keyword-based search. The system also suggests the right search terms to expedite your work. Thanks to Kaidoku’s understanding of meaning similarity, it can also suggest the paragraphs that are most relevant to your search. Now you no longer need to skim through a long document to reach the information you were looking for.

01Add new documents
02Mapping in DB
03Extract similar documents in DB

Applications to various industries / real world

Some example use cases include: ・Search for judicial precedents in legal cases ・Automatically route emails to the correct department ・Discover similar case studies in medical research literature ・Search for related patents and research papers

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