“Shaping the Future with Artificial Intelligence”



About Blog

Cogent Labs is a company that offers services powered by artificial intelligence technology. AI researchers, machine learning engineers, and sales teams altogether strive to provide services of cutting-edge technology. Our competitive advantage derives from the fact that Cogent Labs is a startup of both R&D and NPD: we apply leading AI research and its findings into sophisticated services by machine learning.

This blog is a great opportunity for us to share with detailed information about our research and goal through technical articles, interviews, and event postings. Also, we are planning to post articles that explain artificial intelligence for beginners.


About our service

The first service that Cogent Labs now provides is an AI-OCR service, “Tegaki”. Tegaki successfully increases recognition accuracy of handwritten characters with deep learning.

Additionally, “Kaidoku” is a natural language process technology that interpret unstructured data, and rapidly extract results of set purposes from them. This significantly decreases time to visualize data for clarification and discover necessary information.

The third service is the “TSF”. TSF is a predictive analytics engine, based on advanced deep learning technology, which analyzes historical data of different factors to make an accurate prediction.


What we do

These services are always updated as experts in fields such as machine learning, astrophysics, statistics, and quantum mechanics from over twenty countries discuss them over. Cogent Labs effectively succeeds in utilizing latest technology into services because of the in-house R&D team that conducts research with original algorithm. With theoretic researchers welcomed to our team recently, we have started research not only of services but also of element research over general machine learning.